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Market and Competitive Titles

THE END IS NEAR - DRAWINGS WITH THE ‘BEHIND IN MIND’ is a unique book! It is fun, silly and yet sophisticated in its humor and drawings. While the book will have a wide appeal as a ‘gift-book’ and a title under ‘adult humor’, it should also sell well with  a younger 10-12 year old audience. 

The book will fit well alongside current successful books of the wry, fun, (illustrated) genre, including SAD ANIMAL FACTS (Flatiron Books, 2016), SH*T MY PRESIDENT SAYS (Top Shelf Productions, 2017), HOW TO TELL IF YOUR CAT IS TRYING TO KILL YOU (Andrews McMeel, 2012), and ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD (Chronicle Books, 2010).

There is also currently on the market, many books that push the boundaries of traditional ‘taste’, in a more risqué direction. While THE END IS NEAR is never vulgar or crude, it would find a receptive audience with those who enjoy a more bawdy humor: HOW TO FART LOUDER, LONGER, & STRONGER (CreateSpace Publishing), CAT BUTT, and FRESH OUT OF FUCKS (Honey Badger Coloring Books), LITTLE PENIS (Cider Mill Press, 2013) and WHAT’S YOUR POO TELLING YOU? (Chronicle Books, 2007).  THE END IS NEAR delivers on a refreshing, risqué book - but by not being vulgar, will attract a larger audience.

I believe another likely, and even larger market for this book would be a younger (10-12 years old) audience. Kids are hilariously enthralled with all things ‘butt’. Recent big sellers in this genre would include: I NEED A NEW BUTT (Dover Publishing) and

THE DAY MY BUTT WENT PSYCHO, and the two other books in the trilogy: 

ZOMBIE BUTTS FROM URANUS, and BUTT WARS (Scholastic, 2003). THE DAY MY BUTT WENT PSYCHO was a bestseller, is in its 7th printing and went on to become an animated television series.

THE END IS NEAR is broadly appealing - funny, sophisticated,

and just the ‘right amount of rude’ to be a hit! 

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